Innovative Trends Disrupting the Mattress Industry

Quality sleep is crucial for your overall health and productivity, especially in the current fast-paced world. Unfortunately, one in three Australians does not get enough sleep. While there are many factors to blame for the trend, poor mattress choice ranks high. Today, you can choose from various mattress designs, but the best part is that manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ideas. Therefore, before settling on a particular mattress, you should look at emerging trends, especially if you want value for money. This article explores the hottest mattress trends today.

Double-Sided Mattresses

It is perhaps one of the most popular trends in the mattress industry today, and for good reasons. Notably, a mattress is built to last a particular number of years, but usage determines how long it lasts. For instance, if two people buy the same type of mattress, but one sleeps on theirs every day, and the other uses their mattress a couple of times a week, the former will deteriorate faster. With flippable mattresses, you get double the longevity because you can sleep comfortably on both sides regardless of usage. All you have to do is flip a mattress every few weeks to prevent depressions and allow both sides to aerate. Dual-sided mattresses also come in soft and firm sides to cater to the needs of a variety of customers.

Vinyl Coated Mattresses

Besides comfort, most people want a mattress that withstands the elements. Such mattresses give buyers a significant return on investment, which is why manufacturers are increasingly producing vinyl-coated mattresses. Today, vinyl-coated mattresses are in high demand because they are tear-resistant and waterproof. Moreover, the vinyl coat is fire-retardant, an exceptional characteristic considering that hundreds of Australian households are devastated by bushfires every year. Vinyl-coated mattresses also retain their shape for years, which is crucial to the aesthetics of your bedroom.

Compression Technology

Compression tech has been used in many industries for years, and mattress manufacturers are increasingly taking advantage of its benefits. In the past, buying a mattress was a hassle since they were bulky, making shipping logistics a nightmare. As such, customers were restricted to buying mattresses locally. Today, compression technology allows manufacturers to package mattresses in small packaging. Thus, customers can purchase high-quality mattresses from overseas and have them shipped economically and conveniently. When the package arrives, all you have to do is unbox a mattress and allow it to inflate to the required size.

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