Unique Features to Look for in a Recliner Lift Chair for the Elderly

If you have an elderly loved one suffering from musculoskeletal problems, you would not want them to use regular furniture. The simple act of sitting and standing requires a certain level of strength and balance, two attributes that elderly patients often struggle with. Luckily, you can buy recliner lift chairs since they make light work of regular sitting and standing. Recliner lift chairs are specially designed to take most of the load in sitting and standing actions. However, recliner lift chair models vary; therefore, you must choose one with the right attributes. This article highlights unique features that quality recliner chairs must have.

Multi-Stage Lift Positions — When shopping for a recliner lift chair, you will notice that most recline at different degrees or stages. It allows a user to select the most appropriate or comfortable relaxation position. However, some brands do not have a multi-staged lift mechanism. Therefore, a user must wait until the chair completely tilts forward before getting off. Unfortunately, It can be uncomfortable for tall users whose feet touch the floor immediately after the chair tilts forward. A recliner lift chair with a multi-stage lift mechanism considers a user's height and allows them to stop the tilt when they can comfortably stand up.

Adjustable Cup Holders — Today, almost all recliner lift chair models have cup holders on both sides. It allows users to enjoy their favourite drink by securing a bottle or a cup. However, some models come with fixed cup holders that tilt forward with the chair when a user initiates the lift mechanism. It means that a full glass or bottle will spill its contents as the chair continues to tilt forward. While you can remove a bottle or a cup from the holder, an elderly loved one might keep forgetting to do it. Therefore, you should look for recliner lift chairs with adjustable cup holders since they allow a user to change the angle so that a cup or a bottle does not tilt excessively and spill its contents.

Battery Backup — Power outages are usually not common in most parts of the country and only occur in extreme weather conditions. Thus, buying a recliner lift chair without a power backup would be understandable. However, since a recliner lift chair draws electric power from the sockets in your house, a faulty outlet can leave a loved one stranded on a recliner chair. It is even worse if a fault affects all electrical outlets in your home. A recliner lift chair with a battery backup prevents such incidences since a user can still operate the chair in case of a power outage or faulty outlets.