Two tips parents should follow when buying wardrobes for their children’s rooms

Here are two tips parents should follow when buying wardrobes for their children's rooms.

They should ensure the wardrobe they select is durable and safe

It's essential for parents to ensure the wardrobe they buy for their child's bedroom is both durable and safe. The former is important because a child's wardrobe will not only be in regular use but might also occasionally get struck by toys that a child plays with, or get scribbled on with markers or paints. If this furniture is made of weak particleboard and a child throws a ball at it, it might splinter or develop dents. Likewise, if it's coated in cheap paint, this paint might easily fade when the child's scribblings have to be washed off of the wardrobe. As such, parents should try to invest in a wardrobe that is, for example, made of solid wood and coated in waterproof, washable paint.

Additionally, a child's wardrobe must be safe. This means that the wardrobe should come with appropriate fixtures that will allow parents to anchor the back of the furniture to a wall in their child's room. This will prevent the wardrobe from falling forward if the child ever tries to climb it. On a similar note, it's best for parents to look for a wardrobe that has rounded edges instead of sharp ones. The reason for this is that if a child were to ever collide with this furniture when running around their room, they'd be unlikely to get a cut or a graze if they collided with the rounded corner of the wardrobe.

They should consider getting a wardrobe with adjustable features

Parents who're shopping for a wardrobe for their child should also consider getting one with adjustable features. This might include an interior rail that can be raised or lowered, as well as interior shelves whose positions can be adjusted. The reason for this is that most children grow quite quickly, and as they do, their storage needs and the way they prefer to use their wardrobes can change.

For example, if a seven-year-old child who is quite short needs a wardrobe, the rail within the wardrobe will need to be quite low to the ground so they can access the clothes that are hanging on it. However, as they get older and taller, a lower rail might become a nuisance that would result in them having to crouch down to select and pick garments off of it. If however, the rail was adjustable, their parents could elevate it so it would be closer to their child's current height. This could not only make the wardrobe easier for the child to use but could also free up the space below the rail and allow them to store, for example, extra shoes or bulkier clothes on the base of the wardrobe.