3 Benefits of an Open-plan Office Fitout

You may be wondering whether to go for an open-plan office fitout or a closed plan fitout in case you are moving your company offices to a new location or you are planning to refurbish the current offices. An open-plan fitout involves getting rid of all walls and doors between workstations of different employees while a closed plan fitout separates the workstation of each employee with doors and walls. This article discusses some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy if you choose the open-plan office fitout.

Lower HVAC Costs

It is more costly to heat or cool several rooms because you need more materials like ducts to connect the different rooms to the central HVAC system. An open-plan office fitout helps you to cut down heating and cooling costs since you will install HVAC for one large space. The materials you use will be much fewer than the materials you need for the closed plan fitout.

More Cohesion

An open-plan office fitout fosters a spirit of unity and cohesion among employees. This is because they work in close proximity to one another so it is easy for them to bond with each other. The employees can also get each other's opinions about any creative ideas they come up with if they are working near one another.

This is in sharp contrast to the closed plan office fitout that makes each employee "mind his or her own business" since each will be secluded in his or her own cubicle or office. It is therefore better for you to choose the open-plan fitout since you will have better teamwork among your employees.

Growth is Easier

When the company grows and new employees come on board, it is very easy to add desks to the office space if it is an open-plan office setup. This is because all you have to do is to move the current desks slightly in order to create space for the new additions. This integration is harder to achieve in the closed-plan setup. This is because the existing cubicles/offices may be occupied to full capacity so the likely option may be to rent additional space to accommodate the new employees.

As you can see, getting rid of the walls and doors separating the workspace between employees goes a long way in removing psychological barriers in the workplace as well as keeping costs down. That is why you should give this kind of office fitout serious consideration so that you tap into its potential benefits. For more information, assistance, or ideas, contact companies like Integrity Lounge Designs.