Water Stains On Teak: Mayonnaise Can Help With That!

It's summertime and there is a tonne of end-of-year entertaining to enjoy at your house. Your teak dining room set  from a company like The Teak Place is going to take pride of place during your festive celebrations, but it will also take quite the battering as friends and family congregate around the table. Teak furniture is well known for being durable due to the hardness of the wood, however, that doesn't mean it will make it to January without a few new marks and stains. Water rings caused by condensation on the bottom of glasses can be particularly annoying to look at, but a tub of mayonnaise can bring your table back to perfection with a minimum of fuss!

How Does Mayonnaise Remove Water Stains?

The reason why mayonnaise works so well to remove water stains is because one of the main ingredients of the product is oil. The stain on your table was caused by water soaking into the wood, but when you put mayonnaise onto the stain oil seeps into the wood and pushes the water out. 

While traditional furniture oil dries out quickly, mayonnaise stays moist much longer due to the other ingredients that make up the product. This means you can leave it sitting on the table for longer than plain oil and it will keep pushing the water out until there is none left in the wood.

Putting Mayonnaise To Work On Water Stains

One of the first things to do once the guests have gone and you notice the water stain is to grab your hair dryer. Turn it onto its lowest setting and move it slowly over the water stain on the table. Keep the hair dryer at least 2 cm away from the wood though, so there is no chance of the heat scorching the wood. By applying heat to the water stain while it is fresh, there is a possibility it will evaporate the water without the need for further intervention.

If the water stain remains, it's time to pull the jar of mayonnaise out of the fridge. Take a plastic spatula or a soft, clean cloth, and wipe a thick layer of mayonnaise onto the top of the stain. Don't use anything metal to put the mayonnaise on the table as you don't want to scratch the wood. Leave the mayonnaise to soak in for three hours and then wipe it away. If the stain remains, repeat this procedure until the stain is gone.

If you are unable to remove the stain using this method, have a talk to your teak furniture specialist about what the next step is to restore your teak table to its former glory. You may also want to invest in some bigger coasters for your glasses before hosting your next party.