Custom Furniture: Choosing the Ideal Upholstery Fabric

When purchasing new furniture for your home, you can choose between standard stock pieces or custom furniture. The latter is more expensive but the option is more favourable with regard to suitability. In simple terms, a bespoke piece of furniture is built to fit into your interior space perfectly. Moreover, you can choose the unique aspects of the products to match your individual preferences. One of these important elements is the fabric used to make the upholstery. This will influence your comfort, determine cleaning requirements and dictate the furniture cost. Here are the main categories of upholstery fabrics to consider selecting for your new furniture.

Natural Fabric

This type of material is made from natural fibres and the category is often favoured because of the authentic feel and appearance presented. The common natural fabrics used in upholstery include linen, cotton and leather. Linen is made from resilient flax plant fibres, and it has a handsome look which is suitable for formal settings. Unfortunately, the material becomes wrinkled easily and can shrink after washing. Cotton is strong and soft, so it feels good comfortable. The appearance is usually neat, especially when the fibres are tightly knit. However, the material is prone to permanent staining. Leather is a popular choice because it is durable, easy to maintain and feels luxurious. It is an ideal choice for pet-free homes since it is vulnerable to sharp objects.

Synthetic Fabric

Synthetic materials are favoured in upholstery manufacture because they are hardwearing, especially when compared to some of the natural alternatives. The common synthetic fabrics that you should consider for your furniture include acrylic, rayon and faux leather. Acrylic is a soft material that is designed as an alternative to cotton. It resists wrinkling, soiling and even fading after UV exposure. However, the material is vulnerable to piling when exposed to abrasion. Rayon is formed to imitate the sleek smoothness of silk; this is more resistant to damage and very durable. Regrettably, rayon wrinkles easily. Faux leather is made from vinyl and is an ideal alternative to the real material. Basically, this is cheaper and more resistant to pets, but the lifespan will be reduced.


Finally, you should check for specialty fabric blends when ordering your custom furniture. The blends might be proprietary or generic, so inquire about all your options. For instance, polyester fabrics are popular even though the material is rarely used independently. A cotton and polyester fabric is ideal for upholstery because the blend is soft and appealing like cotton and hardwearing like polyester.

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