Two Tips To Help Choose Bedroom Furniture For A Small Bedroom

Moving into a new home is always an exciting time as you decide where to place your furniture pieces. However, moving into a home with a small bedroom can give you feelings of frustration when you realise not everything is going to fit. Don't despair though; there are plenty of ways you can make your small bedroom look bigger than it is. Use these two tips to give your new bedroom the illusion it contains plenty of space!

Less Is More

Many people think that when a bedroom is small, they should automatically remove big furniture items from the room because they make the room seem small. However, this is not the case. Big furniture items such as armoires and chests of drawers hold a lot of your belongings. If you remove these items from your room, those belongings still have to go somewhere. What does make a room seem small is a whole lot of clutter. Therefore, when you replace one large item with two small ones to hold your belongings, you make the room look cluttered and small.

Using your bed plus one other large furniture item will make the room look larger than using half a dozen small pieces can.

Use Of Colour

The strategic use of colour in your small bedroom is another way to make the room seem bigger than it is. However, the key when choosing colour is to pick one main colour and use this throughout the whole room. If you try to include four or five colours in a small bedroom, it overwhelms the eye and the brain. But, if you choose your favourite colour and use varying shades of this around the room, the room will appear larger because your brain is not breaking down the different sections of the room as it moves from colour to colour.

When choosing the colour, pick one which helps to reflect light around the room. Green, off-white or baby blue are all colours that give a light, airy feel to a small room. Avoid dark colours like heavy purple or black, as these absorb light and make the room feel oppressive and gloomy.

Using these two tips alone you can make a small bedroom feel a lot bigger than it is. Of course, if your furniture really won't fit in your room, then it's time to head out shopping for new bedroom furniture which will fit the space.