3 Furniture Options That Makes Your Bedroom Feel More Spacious

You can make your sleeping quarters feel roomier in a number of ways. You could, of course, opt for lighter tones which give the bedroom in question an airier feel. On the other hand, you might choose to include more light fittings because more recessed light often makes a room feel larger than it actually is. When it comes to furniture what are the options available to you to make your bedroom feel as spacious as possible?

Lift-Up Beds

If you want to make your room feel like it is large, then you need to do away with as many elements as you can in it. The fewer objects that take up space in a bedroom, then the more room you feel you have to move around in. A good idea for a smaller than average double bedroom is to opt for a lift-up bed. These beds look like conventional divans when they are being slept on. However, at the foot of the bed is a handle which you can pull on. The mattress then raises up just like a car's bonnet to reveal storage space beneath. This is much handier than drawers at the bottom of the bed which need horizontal space to open.

Lift-up beds take advantage of vertical space to reveal their storage. Buying one will mean being able to do away with the need for another item of furniture in the room.

Bespoke Wardrobes

If you purchase floor-standing wardrobes to keep your clothes in, then the first thing you'll notice is how much floor space they take up. On the contrary, custom wardrobes can be made that stand the full height of your bedroom, from the floor to the ceiling. What's more, fully crafted wardrobes can be fitted with sliding doors so that you don't need any space to be available in front of them to gain access to their contents. Why not ask for the doors to be fitted with full-length mirrors which will make your room seem even more spacious?

A great thing about bespoke fitted wardrobes is that they can be installed in awkward areas such as corners which are not quite at right angles or around chimney breasts. This means you make the most of the available space.

Additional Storage

If you need extra storage in your bedroom, then use an item of furniture which has a low profile, but which offers lots of space inside. For example, you should try to avoid bedside cabinets which are not very space efficient but opt for a full chest of drawers beside your bed instead. If you really need even more storage then purchase plain stacking crates which can go on top of one another.