Qualities Of Wicker Furniture That Makes Ideal For Your First Outdoor Furniture Set

A mixed match of plastic and metal chairs may suffice as outdoor furniture at your rental apartment that is limited on space, but once you upgrade to a forever home, you need to upgrade your outdoor furniture too. This is especially crucial when you have an expansive front or backyard that will experience heavy use during the summer. Nothing is worse than inviting friends and family over for a barbie only to have them lug furniture from the inside to get comfortable outside.

But once you decide to make this investment, you are bound to be inundated by the vast selection of outdoor furniture sets available. While focusing on the configuration of the furniture may be your priority, you should know that the material you choose will influence the aesthetic you are aiming to create for your exterior living space. Before the different options overwhelm you, consider the following qualities of wicker furniture that make it ideal for your first outdoor furniture set


A mistake that newbies make when purchasing their first outdoor furniture set is underrating how versatile their choice will be for varying atmospheres. For example, will the outdoor furniture be casual enough for a lazy Sunday brunch but still be able to look upscale when you host a formal event? For most other of materials, the answer is no.

Say you choose to buy a café-style set since you like how they look in bistros only to realise that your outdoor living space will forever have a traditional cottage aesthetic to it. Wicker furniture does not pose this problem. All you need to know is how best to accessorise the seats and table setting to transform the aesthetic of this space from a mellow outdoor area to an elegant hosting space.


The second often-overlooked aspect of purchasing an outdoor furniture set is how the pieces will blend in with your pre-existing décor choices. Simply because you are upgrading your outdoor living area does not mean you have to get rid of decorative and functional pieces that you have invested in over the years. However, if you choose a material that is difficult to pair up with opposites, such as wrought iron, you will be hard-pressed to have the space appear cohesive. Fortunately, this is not the case with wicker furniture.

The brown earth tones of the wicker make it easy for it to complement any décor choices you have made, be it wood accents on your verandah or a pastel colour palette for that coastal feel. Furthermore, in addition to its earthy hues, wicker is available in a myriad of other colours as well as designs, which gives you a broad array of options to complement glass, metals, bamboo and more.

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